Insurance Disputes

Insurance Disputes

We Know How Insurance Companies Handle Claims and Cases

Knowing how an insurance company operates, how it determines whether insurance coverage exists, and how it pays and denies claims are all critical in determining whether litigation is appropriate or whether a settlement can be reached short of a lawsuit. Mr. McBride’s experience litigating for, and against, insurance companies provides an insider’s perspective. He would welcome the opportunity to consider the insurance issues which face you and/or your business.

Early in his career, Mr. McBride’s focus in private practice was representing plaintiffs against defendants and their insurance companies. Beginning in 2005, as the Senior Associate for a prestigious litigation boutique Firm in Chicago, Mr. McBride began handling complex multimillion dollar cases on behalf of insurance companies. These cases largely arose as a result of fires, floods, or explosions which precipitated catastrophic property damage, serious personal injury, and/or death. Correspondingly, Mr. McBride has also defended numerous individuals and businesses against allegations which caused injury, death, and significant property damage. These matters almost universally involved complex, multi-party insurance issues.

Bad Faith? Insurance Coverage for a Claim? Declaratory Judgment Filed?

Is the insurance company refusing to pay a claim in bad faith? Or, is there a question about whether insurance coverage exists under the policy for the claim (fire, flood, etc.)? Has your insurance company filed a lawsuit seeking a “Declaratory Judgment” to deny your claim? Whether your insurance company, or another person’s insurance company, is refusing to pay a claim for your personal injury, property damage (auto, home, personal property), medical bills, or simply refusing to pay the proper amount, McBride Law Offices, P.C. encourages you to call 847-394-3300 or e-mail Mr. McBride directly at The Firm possesses the experience, knowledge, and versatility it takes to handle simple and complex insurance matters.

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