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Throughout his career, Matthew L. McBride has regularly handled appeals from both state and federal court. As a Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney in the 1990’s, he immediately learned how to properly preserve a record for appeal, regardless of the strength of the case. Subsequently, he accepted challenged an individuals’ right to DNA testing of evidence which could have exonerated him. On appeal Mr. McBride and his client prevailed, reversing the lower court’s decision which denied DNA testing and becoming the first lawyer to do so under the new statute. State v. Poe, 266 Neb. 437 (2003).

Mr. McBride is admitted to the Bar of the United States Supreme Court and has experience in the Illinois Appellate Courts, the Seventh, Eighth, and Eleventh Circuit Courts of Appeals, and has Petitioned the United States Supreme Court for appeal as well. He has litigated against Fortune 500 companies and local and federal governmental entities and will not shy away from a case simply because the other side is “bigger” or can afford to assign multiple lawyers to the matter.

Litigating in private practice in Chicago, Illinois, Mr. McBride has continued his appellate success through the following matters:

  • Representing 37 Clients who were defrauded by the “King of All Real Estate” after purchasing what they believed to be condo-hotels in Florida. After a Cook County Judge dismissed the lawsuit on May 19, 2016, on September 27, 2017, the Illinois Appellate Court unanimously reversed the Trial Judge’s dismissal. Agreeing with Mr. McBride’s arguments, the Appellate Opinion also included a strongly worded Special Concurrence reciting the strong evidence discovered by Mr. McBride while investigating the fraud. The case is now pending and will be set for trial in late 2018 or early 2019. The Appellate Opinion can be located through the following link:
  • On September 9, 2014, the Illinois Appellate Court agreed with Mr. McBride and a trial judge who had dismissed a lawsuit against his Client, a national court reporting Firm. In defending this case, Mr. McBride was able to win a Motion to Dismiss and avoid further litigation for the Client. The Appellate Court agreed with Mr. McBride and affirmed the dismissal of the case. The Opinion can be located through the following link:
  • In 2011, Mr. McBride successfully argued before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Jacksonville, Florida. After a federal judge dismissed a real estate fraud case against developers, the Justices agreed the Florida Deceptive Trade Practices Act required the trial judge’s decision be reversed.
  • In 2011, the Appellate Court agreed with Mr. McBride’s appeal and reversed the decision of a Cook County trial judge who had dismissed the case against the Forest Preserve of Cook County. Mr. McBride and his former Firm, jointly represented an innocent motorist who was seriously injured after a large cottonwood tree fell out of the Forest Preserve and struck his vehicle. The Opinion of Belton v. Forest Preserve District of Cook County is reported at 407 Ill.App.3d 409 (1st Dist. 2011) and is often cited by Illinois Courts in cases involving injuries to individuals from falling trees and tree limbs.
  • In 2009, homeowners successfully recovered $1,300,000 at trial through the Consumer Fraud Act after builder concealed and misrepresented soil conditions. The Appellate Court affirmed Judgment on Appeal and Illinois Supreme Court denied builder’s Petition for Leave to Appeal. Linhart v. Bridgeview Creek Development, Inc., 391 Ill. App. 3d 630; 909 N.E.2d 865 (2009)(On brief while at Sneckenberg, Thompson & Brody, LLP);
  • In 2008, the Illinois Appellate Court reversed trial court and determined that Ship Captain had state causes of action against his employer arising out of alleged whistleblowing and retaliatory discharge. Zuccolo v. Hannah Marine Corporation, IL Appellate Court, 1st Dist., 1st Div. – 387 Ill. App. 3d 561; 900 N.E.2d 353 (2008)(Handled appeal while at Sneckenberg, Thompson & Brody, LLP);
  • In 2006, the Illinois Appellate Court affirmed trial court judgment finding that insurance company did not owe plaintiff benefits under relevant insurance policy. Arnold v. Farmers Insurance Co., IL Appellate Court, 5th Dist., Docket Number 5-05-0032, 365 Ill. App. 3d 1129; 2006 Ill. App. LEXIS 3100 (2006); (Handled appeal while at Sneckenberg, Thompson & Brody, LLP);

Taking or defending an appeal can be a costly undertaking. However, depending on the case, McBride Law Offices, P.C. offers alternative fee arrangements and even flat fees for filing and/or defending some appeals. Contact Mr. McBride at, or 312-523-2041 to find out how the Firm may be able to help.

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