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Matthew L. McBride III

Principal and Founder of McBride Law Offices

Mr. McBride has been litigating and negotiating legal disputes for over 24 years.

Mr. McBride has been named an Illinois Super Lawyer each year from 2012 to 2021.

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Commercial Litigation

Contract Drafting

Negotiation, Litigation

Estate Litigation

Will Contests, Trust Litigation

Caregiver Fraud and Citation Litigation

Employment and

Labor Litigation

Severance Agreements

Review and Drafting

Non-Compete Agreements

Review, Drafting and Litigation

Insurance Disputes

Commercial and Homeowner Claims

Negotiation and Litigation

Fraud and Deceptive Practices

Home Improvement, Contractor,

Investment Fraud


Discounted Flat Fees Available

What We Do

Drafting and Negotiating

Whether you have an existing proposed agreement which needs review and/or negotiation, or you need a contract drafted, McBride Law Offices offers Downtown experience but at a fraction of the cost of most Downtown Law Firms.


Matthew L. McBride III, has grown accustomed to representing individuals and small business against the largest opponents. Trial is often the great equalizer where a jury or judge has the ability to issue justice deserved.

Leveraging Technology

McBride Law Offices capitalizes on new age technology to provide first class legal services to its Clients. The Firm files legal documents electronically, accepts payments through a secure online portal, and has the ability to encrypt and transfer files in a secure and confidential fashion.

Client Communication

McBride Law Offices does not take the attorney/client relationship for granted. We are committed to promptly returning Client calls and e-mails, and quickly responding to any Client inquiry. We often make ourselves available outside of regular business hours to accommodate the needs of our Clients.